The Strangest Thang About Stranger Things… Ten

Join Rock Pop Fashion on a discovery of the strangest detail surrounding the documentary series Stranger Things… the character Ten who was eventually replaced by Eleven.

Ten… The troubled Stranger Things star who was replaced by Eleven

stranger things strangest facts and details about the show

By now, even your mom knows about the documentary Stranger Things. Thanks to the series’ artistic merits and Netflix’s incredible marketing budget (fueled by a decade of low interest rates and a capital burn rivaling that of a forest fire)… the 80’s themed documentary series has captured the minds of America. But there is much about the popular series that has remained hidden from the public until now. Join Rock Pop Fashion on a discovery of the strangest detail surrounding Stranger Things… the character Ten who was eventually replaced by Eleven.

Stranger Things 101

  • Stranger Things is a documentary series produced by a streaming service that is angry about you using your parents password to avoid paying a monthly subscription.
  • Stranger Things is basically a cross between ET, Stand by Me, Harry Potter, and Alex Jones.
  • Some of the cast of Stranger Things are also musicians and get more Spotify streams than Clapton.
  • Creators developed a now iconic film grain look in post to distract viewers from all the plot holes.
  • It is probably the best Steven Spielberg work to emerge from Hollywood since The Adventures of TinTin.
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  • During production, the documentary series used up so much 80’s nostalgia that it caused a global supply shortage sending eBay prices for Sony Walkman soaring into the stratosphere.
  • The documentary series received excellent reviews from Netflix shareholders. Some viewers like it as well.

  • 80’s music legend Rick Astley reportedly refused to allow his track “Never Gonna Give You Up” to be synced during season 4 leaving producers scrambling… and instead landing upon Kate Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill” which is a great song. Almost as great as Placebo’s cover of Kate Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill” which is so great we decided to add it to our RockPopFashion Weekly Update Playlist on Spotify which you should definitely follow.

Ten… the strangest thing about the character eleven

Many people don’t realize… The Stranger Things character Eleven aka 11 was a late addition to production when the studio decided to replace “Ten” (another test subject from the Hawkins National Laboratory) who had embraced the whole “child actor” thing a bit too much and caused multiple PR fiascos during the filming:

  1. Setting fire to the a portion of the set while cooking meth in a star trailer.
  2. Causing a violent altercation with a representative of craft services resulting in a set electrician being partially blinded by a deli meat which was sent flying through the air at high speed.
  3. Hijacking a press junket to spread unfounded conspiracy theories about NPR.
  4. Leaving the studio lot during filming on multiple occasions to pursue various criminal enterprises with a local Hollywood biker gang resulting in two arrests and one felony conviction for vehicular manslaughter.
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“Ten” the original cast member eventually replaced by Eleven

Unlike the character Eleven “11” who doesn’t say or do much, Ten is credited with having discovered “The Upside Down” (an alternate dimension) while tripping on mushrooms in a Laurel Canyon drug den during the filming of the documentary series’ season one.

Ten was eventually replaced by Eleven “11” and production of the documentary series was able to resume uninterrupted. Eleven “11” is reported to have known ahead of time that Ten would eventually be replaced due to her psychic abilities (and suspicion that Ten’s long standing meth use would pose a threat to Netflix’s profits). The studio, crew, and remaining cast of the documentary series agreed the termination was “for the best”.

In later years, Ten would team up with hip hop artist XXXTentacion to form a short lived stranger things rap duo “X-Ten”. The hip hop team dropped their first singe “Strange AF” without much press and received mixed reviews. Netflix declined to comment on the controversial collaboration citing an on-going legal dispute between Ten’s talent agency and the studio.

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Ten… The Pearl Jam Connection

In a recent interview with a magazine looking to cancel rock n roll, Eddie Vedder confirmed that the seminal 1991 grunge rock album (and perpetual royalties machine) Ten was indeed inspired by (and named after) the troubled Stranger Things child star.

Other interesting facts about the album Ten:

  • Ten charted at number two for four weeks but never made it to number one. Billy Ray Cyrus firmly (and deservedly) held onto that spot with his classic, Some Gave All.
  • The character Ten acknowledged in a now deleted tweet that the album Ten was “too angsty to be taken seriously”… and was a “feeble attempt at copying the 90’s grunge masterpiece Sixteen Stone by Bush.”
  • Tracks from Ten and Sixteen Stone are featured on our Spotify playlist which you should follow.
  • The previous bullet point is not an example of shameless self-promotion.
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