Hot Topic Hiring Surge Emo When We Were Young Music Festival

Hot Topic Hiring Surge

“Hot Topic shopping mall clothing retailer for goth, emo, and scene kids goes on unprecedented hiring spree in preparation for sales surge leading up to next years ‘When We Were Young’ Music Festival?” Hot Topic Mall Retailer Goes On Hiring Surge In Preparation for Upcoming Emo Music Festival? Shopping malls …

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stranger things strangest facts and details about the show

The Strangest Thang About Stranger Things… Ten

Join Rock Pop Fashion on a discovery of the strangest detail surrounding the documentary series Stranger Things… the character Ten who was eventually replaced by Eleven. Ten… The troubled Stranger Things star who was replaced by Eleven By now, even your mom knows about the documentary Stranger Things. Thanks to …

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polyphia tim henson

Polyphia Hires Lyric Consultants?

“Prog rock wunderkinds Polyphia rumored to have hired McKinsey consulting team to determine how many fans might jump ship if the band were to include actual lyrics on their next album.” Polyphia Hires Lyric Consultants? America’s Band… Polyphia, the genre defying prog rock Ibanez guitar sales team, is rumored to …

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