emperor palpatine on actors strike at disney studios

Actors Strike Causes Disturbance in the Force

“SAG-AFTRA (a union which represents a couple of famous actors and the majority of Uber drivers in Los Angeles) has caused an enormous disturbance in the force with its recent decision to go on strike leaving Rebel Resistance forces on planet Jakku short staffed in their epic multi episode galactic …

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Hot Topic Hiring Surge Emo When We Were Young Music Festival

Hot Topic Hiring Surge

“Hot Topic shopping mall clothing retailer for goth, emo, and scene kids goes on unprecedented hiring spree in preparation for sales surge leading up to next years ‘When We Were Young’ Music Festival?” Hot Topic Mall Retailer Goes On Hiring Surge In Preparation for Upcoming Emo Music Festival? Shopping malls …

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hollywood ozempic deal

Hollywood Inks Landmark 360 Deal with Ozempic

“A coalition partnership of Hollywood studios, talent agencies, and union representatives announce landmark partnership agreement with manufacturers of Ozempic to guarantee future supply and fixed rate pricing.” The Huge Hollywood Ozempic Deal How it all began… The Elephants in the Room One Tuesday night late last year under the cover …

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