Lovefoxxx and VIP Party Boys: PNKC’s spandex takeover!

If Mick Jagger in Mr Fish represents the Sixties and Madonna in Gaultier the Nineties, then Lovefoxxx in a sequinned catsuit at Glastonbury 2007 is the Noughties’ live rock fashion moment.

As THE LOOK has revealed, the suit was created for the CSS singer by Kansas City designer Peggy Noland, who seems on the verge of spandexing the entire pop world. Today Peggy speaks to THE LOOK about the Peace Corps, her cheeseburger store and working with the Brazilian singer.

Lovefoxx in Peggy Noland at Glastonbury 2007 (c) Steph Edwards
//Lovefoxxx at Glastonbury 2007 in that catsuit. Photo Steph Edwards//

Like fellow KC native Jeremy Scott, Peggy Noland’s clothes are all about rainbow colour, crazy patterns and twisted silhouettes. Wearing a Peggy Noland alphabet bodysuit or low-crotch leggings takes considerable chutzpah. Even so her line of clothes is becoming a stage-wear must-have: Lovefoxxx, the VIP Party Boys and long-time friends Tilly and the Wall and Verdera are all fans.

Peggy Nolan for MadeMe
//Peggy Noland leggings at MadeMe// 

Despite the fact Noland and Lovefoxx have yet to meet in person, Peggy describes the stagewear she designs for the Brazilian singer and other performers as a collaboration “from them telling me the arms need to be longer or shorter or coming up with things I could never dream of!” The glam sequined catsuit was designed specifically as a stage piece for Lovefoxxx. Many of the pieces Peggy has created for the CSS singer are low-maintenance, “perfect for touring because they are light and pack tight”.

Ziggurat sequins
//Ziggurat sequins: 70s glam in a contemporary form//

Peggy grew up in a convent in Kansas and extensive travel left the 24-year-old contemplating a life of religious service. Rejection by the Peace Corps left her doing “funny little things for money – including making weaves for Flavor Flav and Cow Pie Clocks – literally poop clocks!!” Her first collection came about because she was staying on sabbatical with a pattern-maker in India. On her return to KC she took night-courses and eventually opened her own store, Peggy Noland Kansas City, in 2007.

Peggy Noland Kansas City
//Peggy Noland Kansas City. Cheeseburger interior by Cody Critcheloe//

The interior of the store is to change periodically, “to intentionally confuse and upset the typical idea of retail”, and it’s first incarnation was painted as a self portrait by Noland’s “boyfriend and cheeseburger”, Ssion mainman Cody Critcheloe.”I asked Cody to paint faux brick with withering vines and a cheeseburger is what I got!!!”

<a href=""></a>
//Ssion at Peggy Noland Kansas City – part of the filming of the band’s new movie//

In the last year Peggy’s infamous catsuit was matched with YSL for the cover of Dazed and Confused, her collaboration with New York-based label MadeMe was a sell-out and her label is now available worldwide via hand-picked stockists in Moscow and Tokyo.

2008 is going to be even busier: a pop-up store in Tokyo, a visit to China and a new look for the KC shop: “Baby clothes for adults – the store will change into a nursery! The cash wrap will be in a crib!! Ha haa!!”

We can’t wait.

Peggy Noland online//Image from Peggy Noland’s online store// In the meantime we’ll content ourselves with Peggy’s pick of Kansas City music: ‘Big Baby’ Cody Critcheloe’s Ssion. Look out for a cameo from Peggy in the Critcheloe-directed Tilly And The Wall video for the deliciously infectious Beat Control:

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Rollergirl said,

May 19, 2008 @ 7:49 am

Amazing. Hurry up Dover St Market and snap her up already!

kiki said,

May 21, 2008 @ 4:55 am

omg i need this

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