Please Do Not Bend

Tonight (December 14) saw the opening of a new selling exhibition at Maggs Bros: Please Do Not Bend.


Counterculture curator Carl Williams points out that this is dedicated in the main to Maggs’ speciality: rare books, but there is also ephemera.

One item in particular tickles THE LOOK’S fashion fancy – this packaged Harry Gordon cat print “poster dress”.


As we reported a year or so back, Gordon’s work has become ever so collectible; at the  Christie’s “Avant Garde” fashion sale his dresses, including another of the cat print, sold for £750 a pop.

//Left: Harry Gordon dress, November 2008. Right: Harry Gordon creations, 60s//

If you have the opportunity, drop in to Maggs and scope it out; this hilarious gilt-edged invite to the Oz trials takes some beating.

Please Do Not Bend is at Magg Bros until early January. Work your way around their website starting here.

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