Another Pistols exclusive: More rare photos

Following yesterday’s publication of reader Mark Ogilvie’s ultra-rare Sex Pistols poster, here are a series of images which have never previously been presented individually.


The shots were positioned in a line along the bottom of the poster. Grainy and suitably ripped and torn in the 32 years since the poster was printed, the isolated images provide an intriguing insight into a band on the cusp of international infamy.


As we reported here, in early September 1976 German photographer Wolfgang “Bubi” Heilemann took shots of the band in the streets of Soho as well as in a mocked-up performance at the Notre Dame Hall, just off Leicester Square.


The photo-session provided the basis for a feature later that month in the German teen magazine Bravo, and others were used in an issue dedicated to punk the following year.

These are different again, and appeared in the Swedish magazine Poster, also published in 1977.


There are some illuminating images: a clear shot of drummer Paul Cook in Johnny Rotten’s I HATE Pink Floyd tee, a close up of the ring-pulls with which Rotten decorated his pink school blazer, a band line-up in which they exude confidence and cool and a number of exciting “live” shots .


Later that month the Pistols played the 100 Club’s Punk Festival, the event which broadcast the movement to the mainstream media, and returned to Notre Dame Hall on November 15 for two shows, one of which was filmed by London Weekend Television.

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Mark tells us that, many years ago, he clipped one of the shots from the poster and made a badge out of it. He’s long since lost that and also forgotten what was in the photograph; anybody out there who can help us track it down?

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