Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Personal Effects: A design odyssey

For the last week THE LOOK’s head has been buried in Personal Effects, the new book from Hiroshi Fujiwara which collects together 100 of his favourite personal possessions. 

The deceptively simple format – a photograph of the item faced by a brief description by Fujiwara – delivers a substantial amount of information about this retiring major domo of international street fashion and style; his likes and dislikes, his abiding fascination for, and deep knowledge of, design and product innovation, his interests in both tradition and adaptation. 


Wrapped in a charming tracing paper slip cover, the book delivers a personal design odyssey, taking in such apparently disparate objects as Dayna Decker candles, Louis Vuitton teddy bears, Highwayman leather jackets as worn by Sid Vicious, the Kangol caps with which Fujiwara is strongly associated, a 100-year-old Hermes haute a croire bag, 80s Adidas Campus sneakers (as worn by the Beastie Boys) and Apple‘s AirMac Express base station.

“They’re selected because I’m using or wearing them currently,” says Fujiwara.


Some of the objects are those that he has been involved in producing via his design interests in such labels as AFFA (run with compadre Jun Takahashi), fragment design, Uniform Experiment and Nike.


Many are customised not only with Fujiwara’s trademark double-lightning flash but also accoutrements: his Goyard Saint Louis tote bag is strung with a couple of pendants and the heels of the Visvim FBT moccasins are decorated with appropriate Native American-inspired badges created by jeweller and silversmith Goro Takahashi.


Such was my absorption that within minutes of being given the book I was snapped by Facehunter Yvan Rodic poring over it…


Personal Effects is available here.

rockpopfashion said,

September 29, 2009 @ 2:30 pm

Should point out that the Highwayman jacket in Hiroshi’s book is the result of a collaboration with Number Nine, where vintage jackets are customised with studs & patches and occasionally re-lined.

Highwayman was a sub-brand of Lewis Leathers, sold via mail order and through shops such as Rivetts and latterly Millets (while Lewis Leathers was only available through the LL chain of shops).

Lewis Leathers and Highwayman jackets mostly had designs unique to each label. However in the early days (late 50s/early 60s) it was possible to find jackets of the same design with either label, such as the Corsair (LL) / Nebraska (Hwm).

Likewise, the Lewis Leathers’ Dominator jacket (as worn by Sid Vicious) can also be found with Lewis Leathers & Highwayman labels.

[…] A la question « quels sont les objets que vous avez toujours sur vous ? » il répond qu’il a un portefeuille (des plus léger), un trousseau de clef dont une clef SwissTech Utili-Key 6-en-1, un stylo Montblanc acheté sur ebay. L’anecdote étant qu’il est allé sur ebay après avoir lu le livre « fascinant » de Hiroshi Fujiwara «personal effects». […]

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