Ian McLagan in Rave magazine April 1967

A piece on mod fashions in new Mojo special MOJO ’60s affords the opportunity to run scans of an interview with Ian “Mac” McLagan from the April 1967 edition of pop magazine Rave.

Mac and his fellow Small Faces had just escaped Don Arden’s clutches and signed to Andrew Loog Oldham’s Immediate Records. They were set on the path to legendary status with the imminent release of Here Come The Nice, though the interview’s innocence over monetary matters was later juxtaposed with the grim reality of yet more music biz chicanery.

The group were to endure three decades of legal wrangling – by which time the benighted and blighted Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane were dead – before they or their estates received royalties from the deal.


In the photos. Mac is wearing a pair of open weave brown-and-tan lace-ups as sold by Steve Topper’s shoe shop in Carnaby Street.

“Topper’s was the place to buy wild Italian shoes in London; nowhere else came close,” he wrote in his memoir All The Rage, where he mentions the Rave photoshoot. “I’d give a bundle for those shoes today.”

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