Sex, Drugstores and Rock & Roll


//John Lennon, Amanda Lear + George Harrison (in a Granny Takes A Trip jacket) at the launch of Apple Tailoring at 161 Kings Road, May 22, 1968. (c) Bill Zygmant//

Sex, Drugstores and Rock & Roll, which opens at Proud Chelsea next week, is a photographic exhibition chronicling the music + fashion scenes in the Kings Road from the 1960s to the 80s.

The show was sparked by the realisation among Proud staff that their premises at 161 Kings Road were occupied in the 60s by Dandie Fashions (which, as explained in this post, became The Beatles’ bespoke business Apple Tailoring under the stewardship of John Crittle in 1968).

Images by Laurie Asprey, Janette Beckman, William English, David Montgomery, Terry O’Neill and Philip Townshend are included in the exhibition, along with the photographers whose work is featured here.


//The Who's John Entwhistle (left) and Pete Townshend shopping at Just Men, 7-9 Tryon Street, 1966. (c) Colin Jones.//


//I61 Kings Road, late 60s. (c) Harold Chapman/


//John Crittle outside Apple Tailoring, May 22, 1968. (c) Bill Zygmant//

Part of the psychedelic exterior designed by Binder Edwards & Vaughn for Dandie Fashions in December 1966 can be seen in Harold Chapman’s photograph taken a few years later when the frontage of 161 had been adopted by the local Methodist church at 155a.

Sex, Drugstores and Rock & Roll runs March 24-May 8 at Proud Chelsea, 161 Kings Road, London SW3 5XP. Inquiries to:

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