If the Nigel Waymouth tee fits…

Fun fun fun was had as Hoxton innovators intermingled with King’s Road pioneers at the launch of new t-shirt collection The Look Presents Nigel Waymouth

 //Max Karie and Lektrogirl model Femme Fatale and Jean Harlow//  

With the tees flying off the shelves – we’ve heard tales of three separate people spotted wearing them at the same tube station one morning last week, while Alex Zane god bless ‘im apparently rushed into Topman Oxford Circus the other day and snapped up the set – partygoers also sported the various designs on the night.

//Jonjo and Owen wearing Low Dog. Pic: Pippa Brooks// 

Graciously hosted by the wonderful Madame at the George And Dragon, spotted among the crowd were Tommy Roberts being quizzed about Mr Freedom, natty Kevin Rowland, Barnzley talking loud about new shop A Child Of the JagoJoe Strummer‘s biographer Chris Salewicz, The Observer astrologer and former NME/Arena editor Neil Spencer and Patti Paladin appropriately attired in a Gene Krell-era Granny’s black and purple velvet smile pocketed jacket.

Also mingling away were actresses from The Bill, Adelita publisher Jen Ross, Richard PonystepControl Freak!! and members of CSS.

//Cheers! Madame, Paul Gorman and Nigel Waymouth. Pic: Pippa Brooks// 

Madame introduced the evening by paying charming tribute to Nigel, whose sons Adam and Louis brought their crew while Jeff “JD” Dexter spun an hour’s worth of mind-bending original psychedelic sounds; wonder when – if ever – The Soft Machine has shaken the George’s walls? 

//JD spinning and Ponystep’s Richard Mortimer and friends. Pic: Pippa Brooks//      

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