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Miu Miu taps the East West aesthetic

Mainstream fashion’s mining of the East West 60s/70s aesthetic continues apace with Miu Miu’s S/S11 collection.

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BOY fashion shows at Limelight and Mud Club in the 80s

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These clips capture London boutique BOY on the cusp of its mid-80s reinvention with a clubwear collection of padded patched tops, overprinted jersey tees, leggings, stockings, etc.

Rare groove was tailing off though elements of that genre’s silhouette were taking over the clubs: cycle shorts, leggings, MA1-style jackets, chunky shoes and baseball caps.

The two videos above were taken from a show at Phillip Salon’s Mud Club in 1987, and must have been in late summer since Michael Jackson’s Bad opens the show. The media hysteria over the Beastie Boys-inspired thefts of VW signs was at its height, hence the presence of the massive insignia hanging over the audience.

The short film below, which features more of BOY’s overprinted range, was shot during another show held around the same time at The Limelight, hosted by Steve Strange.

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